In 2016, the Vinci UK Foundation proudly funded 19 projects across all the United Kingdom awarding a total of £170,000 and involving 22 Vinci’s employees.


Addiction Northern Ireland

Addiction NI provides professionally delivered treatment and support to people struggling with alcohol and/or drug dependency, and those affected by someone else’s addiction. They were awarded a grant to purchase a mobile drug unit which will enable them to reach more remote and closed communities in socially and economically deprived areas.

Funding provided by the Foundation: £12,000.

VINCI SPONSOR: Clare Doran (Omexom UK) will help individuals go back on the job market, by running workshops in the preparation of CVs and interview technique for example.

Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland


Burscough Community Farm

As they strongly believe in the future of small scale agriculture as environmentally, healthy and economically sustainable, this charity will offer training for individuals wishing to work in this field. The purchase of a Poly Tunnel thanks to Vinci’s grant will help the charity to provide quality training.

Funding provided by the Foundation: £3,741.

VINCI Sponsor: Matthew Brown (Bachy Soletanche) will provide technical advice and assistance to the ongoing infrastructure improvement, as well as will contribute to training sessions.

Location: Burscough, Lancashire


Burton Canoe Club

Burton Canoe Club offers many different types of canoeing and kayaking to the local communities. They launched the “Lifting the Threshold” project to make all the areas of the accommodation accessible to everyone. The grant provided by the Foundation will be used to fund a lift. It is necessary for the project and will lead the way towards the other changes.

Funding provided by the Foundation: £10,000.

VINCI Sponsor: Andrew Smart (Roger Bullivant) will give financial an budgeting advice to support the Treasurer and Trustees of the charity.

Location: Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire


Children First Derby

Children First Derby provides supervised contact, family support and mentoring services to vulnerable children and families. They will use the Vinci’s grant to recruit, train and supervise up to 60 new volunteers to support the work of the charity, the demand being very high for their Mentoring and Family Support services.

Funding provided by the Foundation: £8,100.

VINCI Sponsor: Malcolm Hughes (Actemium) will get involved directly into the Mentoring Service by becoming a mentor himself.

Location: Derby, Derbyshire


Community Play Center

Since 2015, the community Playcenter at Walberton has provided much needed childcare for local working families. They planned to develop outreach projects focussed on encouraging families back into the workplace, supporting vulnerable children and families and increasing social cohesion in the community. The grant provided will enable the charity to purchase the equipment needed to achieve their projects.

Funding provided by the Foundation: £10,000.

VINCI Sponsor: Rebecca Lapraick (Eurovia) will be directly involved in the project as a Chairman/ Trustee of the charity.

Location: Arundel, West Sussex


Coventry Cyrenians

Coventry Cyrenians offers temporary housing, support and training to people who lost their homes mainly through bad debt and social downfalls. “Windsor’s and Refreshed” is a café/shop where people can find second-hand clothing and bric-a-brac and which provides the people helped by Cyrenians trainings and work experience. The Vinci’s grant will be used to buy a new van which will be used to collect more clothes and bric-a-brac for the shop.

Funding provided by the Foundation: £8,100.

VINCI Sponsor: Ruth Ottley, Bruno Seguin (Vinci Energies) and James Anderson (Vinci Facilities) will help by collecting clothes, reviewing CVs and giving communication advice.

Location: Coventry, West Midlands


Foundation Enterprise North West

FENW delivers emergency and non-emergency accommodation, as well as related services for entrenched rough sleepers and homeless people. A new working kitchen will be built thanks to Vinci’s grant. It will be used by both core bed customers during training, and staff in the provision of hot meals for the customers accessing emergency safe seat provision.

Funding provided by the Foundation: £10,000.

VINCI Sponsor: Will Grattan (Vinci Construction) will support the charity through providing career advice and interview practise for the customers ready to return to work and moving onto sustainable accommodation

Location: Chester, Cheshire



HOME seeks to help both job-seekers and local community groups, agencies and charities by connecting them through marketing. This organisation offers free training in a variety of marketing related subjects and work experience in one of the local community group. The Vinci’s grant will be used to renovate a Café, which will provide trainings and educational activities for the most disadvantaged.

Funding provided by the Foundation: £8,000.

VINCI Sponsor: Mike Rozier (Vinci Construction), will be involved with engaging the unemployed individuals and college learners to help them understand opportunities within construction industry.

Location: Eastbourne, East Sussex


London Youth Barriers

Through their Breaking Barrier program, the London Youth Rowing provides opportunities for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to develop their behaviours and capabilities for a successful future through access to rowing. The program combines sport (rowing), mentoring sessions and practical project management in a partner company. The grant will be used to provide transport means to ensure all students are able to travel to sessions and arrive on time.

Funding provided by the Foundation: £10,560.

VINCI Sponsor: Francois Pogu and Lilia Hanana (Vinci Construction Grands Projets) are already and will continue to be involved in the project as Mentors for the young people.

Location: London, Greater London


Mindfulness Photography Group

Mindfulness Photography Group aims at helping people living with any form of mental illness by organising photographic excursions. Through the practice of such a hobby, people feel rewarded, relaxed and less isolated. The grant provided will be used to purchase inks, a printer, printing paper, cameras and laptops to enable the charity to develop.

Funding provided by the Foundation: £3,750.

VINCI Sponsor: Chris Staples (Vinci Construction) will assist in the supervision of further photographic excursions.

Location: London, Greater London


Pendragon Community Trust

After realizing that there was a massive gap in services for people with learning disabilities and their families, the Pendragon Community Trust decided to build a Multi-Sensory Centre. Vinci’s grant will enable the Pendragon Community Trust to purchase an OMI Vista Floor Projector and OMI Beam system for the Centre. It is used to stimulate language, physical and mental development and empowers individuals to take control of their environment.

Funding provided by the Foundation: £18,440.

VINCI Sponsor: Richard Whitaker (Ringway) will provide his project management skills to help the charity building an outdoor play area.

Location: Northallerton, North Yorkshire


Rotherham Hospice

Rotherham Hospice provides end of life care for the people of Rotherham. To help children overcome the grief over the death of a loved one, the Hospice created a children’s Bereavement Support Group. The grant aims at supporting the Group through the construction of a garden and play area where activities would be organized for the grieving children.

Funding provided by the Foundation: £10,000.

VINCI Sponsor: Cheryl Freeman (Eurovia) will help with fundraising events.

Location: Rotherham, South Yorkshire


Sebastian’s Action Trust

Sebastian’s Action Trust provides support to families of seriously ill and life-limited children, from diagnosis through treatment and beyond, after the loss. Thanks to Vinci’s grant the charity will be able to buy a new wheelchair accessible van to insure a safe mode of transport for the families to attend the regular social events and to carry them to the hospital, easing the stress of hospital appointments.

Funding provided by the Foundation: £15,000.

VINCI Sponsor: Joanne Pool (Westpile) will support them by helping organise events for the families.

Location: Bagshot, Surrey


Perth Six Circles Project

Through various trainings, Perth Six Circle Project aims at providing service users with the skills, knowledge and support they need to live more independently and regain their place in society. Thanks to Vinci’s grant, Perth Six Circle Project will design and develop a new website to have a wider impact, as well as purchase laptops for the service users to learn electronic communication skills and regain inclusion in society through the development of their own page.

Funding provided by the Foundation: £5,000.

VINCI Sponsor: Steve Mosley (Omexom UK) will create, set up and install the new website, and train staff to manage and update it.

Location: Perth, Scotland


Skelmersdale Outreach Trust

Skelmersdale Outreach Trust is a small charity which provides support to the general community in the Tanhouse. The grant provided by Foundation will be used to replace the kitchen of a community based facility. It would enable more people to use it.

Funding provided by the Foundation: £3,684.

VINCI Sponsor: Jonathan Edwards (Soletanche Freyssinnet UK) is and will continue to be Trustee and Treasurer of the charity.

Location: Skelmersdale, Lancashire


Surrey Heath Age Concern

The Surrey Heath Age Concern helps older people – mostly over 70 years old – to overcome social isolation and loneliness. Their new project “Tea and Memories” aims at, once a week, take the guests back in time to when they were younger. The Vinci’s grant will allow the charity to furnish this pop-up Café. Music, sounds, cutlery, photos, newspapers articles…everything will be set up to transform the Café into a place full of memories and sharing.

Funding provided by the Foundation: £6,215.

VINCI Sponsor: Joanne Pool (Westpile) will help the charity keep their website and social media accounts up-to-date to advertise their actions.

Location: Camberley, Surrey


Villierstown Education & Culture Project

Villierstown Education and Culture Project aims at developing education, arts and culture in Villierstown, co. Waterford through various projects. Their new objective is to establish an Eco-tourism base on the river Blackwater to enhance the community feeling through the involvement of a big project and to develop the area through the arrival of more tourists. The grant will help them achieve this goal.

Funding provided by the Foundation: £3,000.

VINCI Sponsor: Liam O’Brien (Mc Donnell Piling & Foundations Ltd) will be involved in this project’s management and execution.

Location: Waterford, Ireland


Wayfinder Women

Wayfinder Women aims at renovating a former shop in Eastbourne to provide training and development opportunities for disadvantaged people and local apprentices, as well as eventually offer space for local charities and individuals to develop their cultural and creative ideas. The grant will help the charity with the renovation costs.

Funding provided by the Foundation: £10,000.

VINCI Sponsor: Mike Rozier (Vinci Construction) will engage with the unemployed individuals and college learners to help them understand better the opportunities that exist in the construction industry.

Location: Eastbourne, East Sussex


Yateley Industries

Yately Industries is helping disabled and vulnerable people gaining independence. They provide paid meaningful work and training as well as the opportunity to rent one of their adapted flats. In the past three years the charity has launched a building project to double its available accommodation for disabled people. The grant is aimed at furnishing the newly built apartments

Funding provided by the Foundation: £10,000.

VINCI Sponsor: Russell Crampin (Axians UK) will provide IT troubleshooting to the charity.

Location: Yateley, Hampshire