We are pleased to announce, Applications for Funding are now open as from 1st January 2019; offering new opportunities to people who suffer social or employment exclusion.

During the 2018 edition, the VINCI UK Foundation supported 24 projects and granted £207,000 in funding, involving 26 Vinci’s employees.

If you are a VINCI Employee wishing to support an organisation as part of the VINCI UK Foundation initiative, click on this link for further information: http://www.vinci-uk-foundation.co.uk/about-vinci-uk-foundation/sponsorship/

If you are a charity or registered non-profit organisation and wish to apply for funding, please follow this link for guidance http://www.vinci-uk-foundation.co.uk/your-project/how-to-submit-a-project/

The submission of applications will run until the end of March 2019; before requesting support from the Foundation you can test the suitability of your project with a quick eligibility test: http://www.vinci-uk-foundation.co.uk/your-project/meeting-the-criteria/