What is the selection process ?

The VINCI UK Foundation aims to support socially innovative projects.

If you have a project, please complete, together with the organisation you are supporting, the request for support application form (that you can download here). Return the application form to us and a first assessment will be carried out by the Local Coordinators of the Foundation. If the project is suitable according to our selection criteria, a visit to the organisation will be arranged.

Short-listing of the projects by the Local Coordinators will then take place and the selected projects will be presented to the UK Selection Committee for review and recommendation.
After consulting the Committee, the Board of Directors will validate the selection and the amount of funding to be granted.


2019 important dates

  • Beginning of the application period: January 2019
  • Deadline submission of projects for 2019 by the end of March

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors decides which projects will be funded by the VINCI UK Foundation and has the status of a legal representative.
Other main tasks include:
– The administration of the UK Foundation,
– The use of the Foundation’s funds,
– The preparation of the budget, the annual financial statements and the activity report.

The Selection Committee

Once a year, the Selection Committee reviews the requests for support that have been submitted and helps the Board of Directors in granting projects. The Selection Committee is comprised of a variety of VINCI staff with different job roles, from various divisions, as well as an external patron(s) who will give their views on submitted projects. The Committee provides advice, opinions and comments.

Local Coordinators

The team of Local Coordinators are the operational link between the organisations applying for support, the UK Foundation and the VINCI sponsors.

The UK Foundation Coordinators are highly motivated VINCI employees who are in charge of screening and presenting the requests for support to the Selection Committee. They facilitate the development of partnerships and manage the network of sponsors in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.