Mini Mermaid Running Club UK

Mini Mermaid Running Club

 Mini Mermaid Running Club UK has been awarded £ 5,000 by the VINCI UK Foundation to support the project that will encourage girls in primary school and develop their self-confidence and felling of self-worth.

 The Foundation is supported by Eurovia, part of the VINCI Energies group; the Eurovia Sponsor will volunteer through help develop the project.

 Mini Mermaid Running Club UK requested support from the VINCI UK Foundation to support their project development. They want to provide 20 times and 6 times week Mini Mermaid programmes in the London area. This will access 200 girls over 4 years. 16 of these programmes will take place in primary schools and 4 will take place in community centres within the Hackney and Islington area. Dave Boswell, a Business Manager at Eurovia was interested in the project through family connections and support the charity with development of the project in underprivileged areas of London.

Mini Mermaid Running Club UK is an after school/community programme, for girls in primary school years 3-6. Their aim is to encourage a lifelong love of movement and activity, as well as developing the self-confidence and felling of self-worth. They are trying to help girls raise their self-esteem before it falls to a point that they have to seek counselling for it.

The VINCI UK Foundation, funded by VINCI businesses across the UK, supports groups and charities which work to tackle exclusion, foster community integration and improve access to employment and housing. Launched in early 2016, the Foundation is unique in its support for good causes due to its specific focus and provision of skilled volunteers.

 Through the Foundation, all VINCI’s employees, from apprentices to senior management, can use their experience and skills to benefit their local communities.