The Coventry Charity Almshouses

Coventry Charity Almshouses

The Coventry Charity Almshouses has been awarded £10,000 by the VINCI UK Foundation to removing barriers within the physical environment of the grounds of our Almshouses and providing a safety environment.   

 The Foundation is supported by Eurovia, part of the VINCI Energies group; the Eurovia Sponsor will volunteer through offer his expertise during the duration of works.

 The Coventry Charity Almshouses is an organisation that has been providing low cost supported housing with health and well-being activities for elderly residents of restricted financial means, from the local area, since 1686.  Their aim is to provide more than just housing for our residents by concentrating on creating a cohesion of community spirit, making sure residents feel cared for and safe during their ageing years, also combating social isolation which can be detrimental to health and wellbeing.  They provide a warden who lives on site and visits each resident on a daily basis.  This level of care encourages links to the wider community and encourages unity within the residents and communal activities for all to access.  Our community room is currently used for New Age Bowls, darts, bingo, lunches, dominoes, fitness classes and family functions.

The older generation tend to stay inside for many reasons, especially in the winter. By improving the immediate grounds, eliminating trip hazards, providing dedicated walking routes, handrails at ramps and changes of level, we could assist with combating social isolation for our residents and encourage the opportunity to use mobility scooters. By providing them with safe outside areas to encourage them to engage with their neighbours and the wider community, the aim is to enrich their lives.

The Coventry Charity Almshouses requested support from the VINCI UK Foundation to create this safer environment, removing barriers within the physical environment of the grounds of our Almshouses by installing ramps instead of steps, handrails and providing safe walkways with no changing levels or trip hazards. Lewis Bridgman, Divisional Manager at Ringway, will support with his expertise during the duration of the works. Beside that Ringway has agreed when the project is successful with the funding, they will use some volunteering  days (CSR) to assist in the project and carry out  some soft  landscaping maintenance.

The VINCI UK Foundation, funded by VINCI businesses across the UK, supports groups and charities which work to tackle exclusion, foster community integration and improve access to employment and housing. Launched in early 2016, the Foundation is unique in its support for good causes due to its specific focus and provision of skilled volunteers.

 Through the Foundation, all VINCI’s employees, from apprentices to senior management, can use their experience and skills to benefit their local communities.