VINCI UK Foundation supports free female-led cricket coaching for Birmingham girls

Through both financial and practical assistance, the VINCI UK Foundation aims to help Sporting Pathways strengthen communities and improve the health and wellbeing of young women in the Bordesley Green area of Birmingham by removing barriers to playing sport.

07 December 2022

VINCI UK Foundation supports free female-led cricket coaching for Birmingham girls

Continuing the fight against social exclusion, the VINCI UK Foundation is pleased to announce its support in 2023 for Sporting Pathways, a female-led community interest company from Bordesley Green in Birmingham, dedicated to getting more young women, especially from ethnic minorities, into sport.

Challenging discrimination of youth engagement in physical activity, Sporting Pathways offers free cricket coaching for girls by women in a safe environment at Bordesley Green Girls’ School & Sixth Form that is considerate to all faiths and religions.

“Our experience is that ethic minority females shy away from extracurricular activities unless they are female led, at a safe venue, and suitable time, so by meeting those needs we can make cricket and its many benefits accessible to all,” said Salmi Bi, Grassroots Coach and Company Director, Sporting Pathways.

By taking part, young women from the local community can improve their fitness, build their confidence, and enjoy being part of a team, with the female coaches’ support as advocates and role models.

The VINCI UK Foundation has granted the initiative £3,000 to set up a website that will help reach a wider community and run the company on a more professional platform. Acting as sponsor, Aamir Riaz, Financial Controller for VINCI Energies brand Actemium in the UK, will also assist with finding a suitable graphic designer to build the website, along with marketing and business support.

“As a father of a daughter, I have seen first-hand the positive impact sport can have on a young woman’s life and am proud to support Sporting Pathways in removing barriers to physical activity for young women so they too can boost their health, self-esteem, and overall wellbeing as part of a cricket team,” he said.

Since its inception in 2016, the VINCI UK Foundation has combined almost £1.4 million in financial donations with the practical skills and expertise of VINCI employees to help over 200 charities or community projects championing social inclusion. Working together with these organisations, the VINCI UK Foundation aims to improve access to training, employment, housing, healthcare, mobility, and leisure activities for society’s most disadvantaged.

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